AN ANTHOLOGY OF THOUGHT & EMOTION... Un'antologia di pensieri & emozioni

Friday, 27 January 2017


je te prie de m'écouter

The power of man's imagination is greater than all the poisons –
No need for cocaine. Everything is a drug for the man
Who chooses to live on the other side.

A poetic force leads the phantoms of reverie
My poetic force animates all my senses;
Reverie becomes for me polysensorial.
From the poetic passage,
I receive a renewal of the joy of perceiving,
A subtlety of all senses -
A subtlety which bears the privilege
Of a perception from one sense to another,
In a sort of aroused Baudelarian correspondence.
Awakening, my heart beats
Ah! How a passage which pleases me can make me live!

I learn that the poorest objects are sachets of perfume,
That, at certain times,
Internal lights render opaque bodies translucent,
That every sonority is a voice.
How the cup from which I drank as a child rings!
From all over, coming from all objects,
An intimacy lays siege to me.
Yes, truly I dream while composing,
I soar highest, no one can reach me!

The reverie which works poetically
Maintains me in an intimate space
Which does not stop at any frontier
– a space uniting the intimacy
Of my being which dreams with the intimacy
Of the beings which I dream.

It is within these composite intimacies
That a poetics of reverie is coordinate.
The whole being of the world
Is amassed poetically around the
Mind of the dreamer: my mind,
A beautiful mind.

I am a dreamer, and through my fantastic dream
I reach my creative ecstasy.
With or without you. With you, if you so wish…
See me flying among clouds of heaven? See me?
I’m gone.

Like a painter who likes to live
The object in its ever particular appearances,
I will be able to return the dream
To the picturesque life of my mind,
A manifest psychic activity
In a world homogenous with my being,
Where everything is welcome
And my imagination travels the universe.